House D, Austria

Terrace Kebony

House Romans, France

Terrace Kebony

House Ennstal, Austria

Terrace Gardasee

Hotel Dosso Dossi, Turkey

Wall panels Gran Paradiso

Chalets Steirereck, Austria

Facade Piz Bernina

Hotel Dachsteinkönig, Austria
Wall panels Wilder Kaiser, Marmolada chopped, Marmolada Vecchia, Mont Blanc

Pro7 rooftop terrace, Germany
Terrace Kebony

Moholt Towers, Norway
Facade Kebony

Private house Jäger, Austria
Facade thermo ash

Facade Irregolare thermo wood


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Summer, wood and beach fashion - here you can find our "boards to wear". Take a look at our brand-new Mareiner Holz beach fashion.

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An especially level, chip-free surface and a long terrace lifetime were decisive for the choice of product.
Architect M. Wicher
We like working with partners who are willing to try out something new. Mareiner Holz works with us on innovative developments - always with their customary competence.
Architect M. Viereck
The Mareiner brand stands for perfect wood finishing. The alpine wall panels manufactured by the long-standing Styrian company go a long way to fulfilling the all too human desire for uniqueness.
W. Bachmann, Tschabrun GmbH