Holz trifft Design

Design als Erfolgsfaktor. Wie gute Gestaltung und wirtschaftlicher Erfolg zusammenhängen, darum ging es bei den Hollenegger Designgesprächen. In Kooperation mit dem Holzcluster Steiermark referierte Martin Breitenerger zusammen mit Marleen Viereck (Viereck Architekten) und Heinz Reitbauer (Vogelhäuser Steirereck am Pogusch) über die Entstehung und das außergewöhnliche Design der „Vogelhäuser“ am Pogusch und dessen unkonventionelle Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten.

Zum gesamten Artikel der Hollenegger Designgespräche 2017.

So wandelbar ist die Fichte

Ob gehackt oder gebürstet, gedämpft oder natur - unsere Fichtenprodukte sind äußerst wandlungsfähig. Nicht nur in ihrer Namensgebung, sondern vor allem in der Optik. Da ist sicher für jeden das richtige Wandpaneel dabei. In diesem kurzen Video könnt Ihr Euch selbst davon überzeugen.

Mareiner plus Matauschek = Tesla Lounge

This chill-out lounge at the Alutechnik Matauschek’s premises represents well-made collaborative work of glass, metal and wood. Thus, our team at Mareiner Holz as well as the Matauschek's staff know how to work together effectively when it comes to facade design. As a result, we created our first 3D facade which is made of laminated Irregolare thermo-wood. It has been coated with Tesla's Corporate Colours - completed with metal parts of Matauschek. Voilà! We successfully combined metal and wood work. Another asset: Not only the e-bolides will be able to recharge their batteries in the charging station, but also the green drivers will be able to relax in the Tesla lounge.

We cleaned our terrace

For sure, we all enjoy summerevenings with friends while having a delish barbecue on our terrace. In order to enjoy the benefits of having such a wooden terrace, it also has to be cleaned effectively. As wood, which is located under the open sky needs special treatment, we at Mareiner Holz tackled the weathering-problem and scrubbed our terrace floor with an appropriate machine. Goodness gracious - our terrace looks as good as new (have a look at the picture).
Helpful hints and tricks!

Woodn’t it be nice?!

Students of the class 3B of the Forestry school Bruck an der Mur constructed a new school yard/ playground for the kids of the Primary school Körnerstraße. This construction happened in the course of the young foresters’ subject ‘project management’. Therefore, the students built 3 benches, 2 tree benches, one insect hotel, a barefoot path, a climbing frame, a swing and a snack garden for the kids. Our team from Mareiner Holz supported this project with a donation of our wood. We are happy that we could help with our donation and we hope that the youngsters will have a lot of fun with their new playground.
Read more about the project and an article in Woche Bruck.

Dinner is served!

Grab a pan and let’s cook because our new kitchen is ready! The renovations of our kitchen are done and now it looks prettier than ever. Faced with the new 3-layered-boards of the brand Piz Badile and revamped with some extras, the new kitchen invites our Mareiner Holz-team to have nice lunch breaks by creating an eased and cozy atmosphere.

On your marks, get set, go!

Not only do we cut quite a figure at work but also when it comes to sporty events such as the Brucker business-run. We grabbed the bull by the horns and participated with two teams of three people. We had so much fun at this running-event and are looking forward to the coming Brucker business-run.

Romantic living with Kebony

Kebony – premium wood with romantic flair. In this video you’ll see all the assets of a Kebony-terrace at a glance.

Watch the video.

Garden wood: permanent and persistent

Sturdy wood for terraces does not have to be obtained from the rain forest. Kebony-terraces enable unique and persistent pool-borders and constructions in the garden. By the means of treating this kind of wood with a special organic-based liquid, its lifespan is prolonged and therefore the perfect choice for your garden.

Find out more about the Norwegian hardwood and the Kebony-Terrace of Haus D. in the article Holzkurier "Gartenholz Special".

We are green!

According to the well-written article ‘100%-iges Öko-Bekenntnis’ Kathrin Lanz summed up the most important facts about our company Mareiner Holz which she has been told in an interview with our CEO Hannes Dietrich. He informed her about well-made decisions as well as goals and strategies within the wood sector. We are happy about such a successful article.

Read the interview.

Waldland Steiermark: An interesting TV report about our company Mareiner Holz

Kiln-dried wood – what’s that? Which refining-techniques do you use for your boards at Mareiner Holz? Questions upon questions asked by the inquisitive ORF-team, greatly responded by our distribution manager Martin Breitenberger and summed up in a report for the Austrian broadcaster.

Watch the video!

1stcompany meet and greet in St. Marein

We happily accepted the invitation of St. Marein’s mayor Doris Schutting and visited the town’s first meet and greet for companies. Along the lines of “get together, stay together, work together” agents of different local companies were given the chance to introduce their enterprises and, of course, to establish new contacts. What a great event!

Read the article of WOCHE Bruck.

Attention! We have a new bank account!

We politely ask you to use the following bank account in order to pay our invoices:
IBAN:AT69 3468 0000 0057 0739
The bank account which you will find on our invoices from 2016 does not exist anymore!



One, two, t(h)ree

Overnight, our business premises at Mareiner Holz turned into an enchanting fir forest. We sold Styrian Christmas trees in rich green and various sizes which were freshly cut to the right lunar time. According to some old people’s sayings are those trees that were cut to the right lunar time less likely to shed their needles than others.

Caring-tips for your Christmas tree:
– Keep your tree in the net after buying it and store it anyplace cool and dark
– Cut a little piece of the trunk just one day before Christmas eve so that the tree will be able to soak up the water. Afterwards, loosen the net from bottom to top in order to let the fir unfold its branches.
– Put your fir into a tree stand and water it every day. A 2-meter high tree requires 1 liter water per day.

Awarded with the FSC standards

Our wood at Mareiner Holz was awarded with the FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council) for sustainable forestry. That means, we are able to trace back our wood’s origin. Of course, we are very proud of this certificate as this enables us future silvicultural land use.

Wasted wood: Kebony

We congatulate our partner Kebony to the Iconic Award in the category "best product in facade"!

We do a lot with our wood: we chop it, we brush it, we cut it, we boil it, we steam it and we even flame-scarf it. But there is more to come: some of our boards get totally boozed up as we saturate them in pure alcohol. Afterwards we allow the soaked up boards to rest. Sobered up, the wood is called “Kebony” and able to rival with all the world’s tropical woods. That is because this kind of impregnation influences the cell structure in a way that softwood gets as sturdy as tropical wood. That means, Kebony-wood can be used for bordering pools just as well as for building landing stages. In all conscience, we dare to say that Kebony-wood is not only extremely sturdy but also quite esthetic in its appearance.

Mareiner Holz@architect@work

Of course, we from Mareiner Holz mustn’t be missing when a bunch of architects meet at the big trade fair in Vienna. That is why we packed some of our gorgeous boards, some of our (gorgeous) assistants and set out for Vienna to the architect@work fair on October 12th and 13th 2016.

Happy Birthday Mareiner Holz!

We had a really good time when celebrating our 20th anniversary. Moreover, we want to say ‘thank you’ to all our partners, guests, congratulants and all the great people who gave us a hand. Here, you will see the highlights and show acts of the well-made festivity captured in some pictures and a video.

Our noble boards are on Facebook

Wow! Look at this! We’ve just created an account on Facebook and now we have – hang on – 512 fans – which is great but, you know, the sky is the limit. So, those who want to glimpse behind the scenes or read the latest news about Mareiner Holz – just visit us on Facebook.
Update: See how much fans we have now!

Knock, knock

Take a look at our newsletter, here you can read about our products or new projects as well as about discounts and special offers. For us it is an opportunity to exchange opinions and share experiences. If you are interested, please join our newsletter here!



Naturalness for kids – without any chemicals

Kids should be able to experience naturalness and get space in order to develop properly. – This is the motto of the Kindergarten Drosendorf. In order to follow this motto, the youngsters are provided with huge rooms which are flooded with light and equipped with natural building material such as wood. As presumed, this natural building material – which is from the brand Gran Paradiso - was produced by Mareiner Holz. Furthermore, this construction was nominated for the Lower-Austrian Timber Construction Award as it stands for sustainable dealing with regard to ecological, economic, and social matters.

Project for trainees

Young people are our future. Therefore, we are convinced that it’s the right decision to invest in them. Our company Mareiner Holz is looking for young, motivated and enthusiastic people. The first application-coaching was quite successful but we are pretty sure that there is even more to come.

So if you are one of those interested and dedicated people that we are looking for – just give us a shout!

House-builder trade fair Leoben 2016

Website, Newsletter, Facebook… virtual is convenient, but everything is so much better in reality. Hence our decision to participate in the house-builder trade fair (Häuselbauermesse) 2016 in Leoben. We want to be near our customers, to meet you and get to know you. You teach us to be inventive and to reinvent ourselves time after time. That is why the woodpecker is relocating to Hall 2 on Leoben's main square on March 11, 12 and 13. We can then offer the best possible help and support with planning and selecting the right materials for your project.


New Homepage and Newsletter

The Mareiner woodpecker is knocking again. Why are we sending out knock signals again? Because we've been so tied up in our work that we completely forgot to introduce ourselves to designers like you. All we can say in our defence is: we must be blockheads. Won't happen again! That's why every now and then you'll hear a knocking signal from Muerztal. And there's a brand new website: mareinerholz.at. Forming pixel surfaces makes a nice change.


Briquette promotion

Tried and tested system with ecological technology – Mareiner Holz GmbH thinks ahead and acts with environmental awareness. Fresh, juicy, Styrian – that is the basic condition of Mareiner briquettes before they are pressed into dry wood briquettes with a very good heating value of 5.22kwh/1kg. Ecological technology – that means pressing wood chippings into briquettes under high pressure without any additives and wrapping them in paper that is also recycled in the form of fuel. Environmentally friendly, EcoProfit-certified, with a high heating value and, of course, completely natural.


EcoProfi the third

Round 3 in the EcoProfit Club. We have once again implemented our ecologically sustainable projects and have received the EcoProfit Award 2015. We are proud that our products preserve the environment and save money in the process. All in all the results of our products are very positive and our understanding of economics and our economic condition have both improved. Sustainable economic activity.


Architecture Award 2015: The Best House

Part of the Best House: Haus HM. Do you know the architecture competition called "The Best House"? It is a worthwhile event organised by the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria and the Architecture Centre of Vienna. We are especially pleased with this year's jury decision in favour of Styria: construction artist M. Wicher designed and built a "small villa" as a retirement home for an elderly couple not far from here, between the Ennstal Alps and Rottenmanner Tauern. We love it all the more because it has our Gardasee terrace. Here the original article and the project description.


Wood from the oven

When the wood comes from the oven. Mareiner Holz GmbH can look back on a rich and varied history. Having emerged from a sawmill, today it offers high-quality, chemical-free specialities. Many of them are intended for export. It all started with a sawmill and the sale of trimmed timber. The sawmill changed hands in 1996, after which a planing station was added alongside a larger range for dry construction and accessories. Interested in the original article?


International hotel project

From a deep-rooted tree to an elegant room fitting in an upmarket hotel in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. Exclusiveness meets naturalness: Introducing the 5-star Hotel Dosso Dossi. When modern exclusiveness is combined with naturalness in an extravagant manner, it has to be a project of the Mareiner Holz Company. A combination of glass, marble and wood, whereby the latter represents naturalness and conveys a very special feel-good factor in the wellness area. Here is the project.

Eco-wood is booming

Mareiner Holz uses new technology to offer native eco-wood in tropical wood quality for external uses. Mareiner Holz, the company from Upper Styria, is successfully active in the market for ecological wood technology. "The market is increasingly more accepting of the products", says Mareiner Holz managing director Hannes Dietrich. For years now the sales figures have been climbing steadily with growth rates of 5 to 10 per cent. The export share is also growing continuously and is currently at around 45 per cent. More in the original article.


Spectacular birdhouses

Fancy staying overnight in Cuckoo, Woodpecker, Eagle Owl or Bullfinch? The Steirereck am Pogusch has opened spectacular birdhouses. Finding a free table at short notice at what is probably Styria's most famous restaurant, the Steirereck am Pogusch, is no easy task. Let alone one of the seven romantic rooms and huts that are always booked out six months in advance. Reason enough for hosts Grete and Heinz Reitbauer to add a couple of comfy beds to their wellness escape am Pogusch. Here is the original article, p. 25-26, and the project description.


Interior university design

The Maria Gugging University bears our signature. The common rooms are intended to be inspiring, so one of the requirements. Our product Piz Nair fits in well, and so we were able to make a primary contribution to the university's interior design with our alpine wall panels. Together with architect DI Gruber we took on the challenge of giving the cool white building a special interior flair and creating a rejuvenating ambience. Here is the project.


EcoProfi award

Distinguished. In 2014 we received the EcoProfi award and feel honoured and also that our commitment is appreciated and acknowledged. Do you know what distinguishes an EcoProfi? EcoProfit is an environmental model for companies. The use of integrated environmental technology improves the local environmental situation and strengthens the company economically. What sustainable projects did we implement in 2014? Improvement to production and workplace optimisation led to significant savings in power consumption and CO2 emissions.


Vulcano facade

Do you know the latest trend? Our facade in Vulcano, an extra-special feast for the eyes . Extravagant and something very special. We developed a shapely, modern facade at the request of a Swiss fashion designer. Our latest facade product named Vulcano features a black, charred wood facade in a crocodile leather look. Browse through our gallery and see our Vulcano product for yourself.