Have a seat!

How lovely to welcome you as an architect or interior designer to our lounge. As architect understanders we do all we can to please you. Not with ballyhoo and a great to-do, but rather with refined boards and typical Styrian helpfulness.
And if we don't seem to have what you are looking for – or if you need this or that but slightly different – then we'll simply make it! For you! Personally! Special productions and new developments are highlights of our wood processing program.
We will be delighted to accompany you and your project from bidding phase to handover (and even further to a potential architectural award).

How we look after our architect partners:

  • Architect support
  • Situation analysis
  • Needs analysis

      Initial Draft

  • Involvement in product development
  • Technical support
  • Standard samples - Shipped within 48h
  • Hight-resolution images for rendering
  • Individual sample boards
  • Samples in poster-size
  • Bidding texts
  • Maintenance and service contracts
  • Manufacture of individual solutions
  • Assembly instructions


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