The wood here in Styria is as pure as the water and the people who populate these parts. We don't brush our boards to actually clean them. We brush them to emphasise the wood's beautiful grain patterns. And to harden the boards: brushing removes the soft components from the wood. It is as in real life: only the tough make the grade. After this treatment the boards look even more like wood than beforehand (purely from a visual viewpoint) and have toughened up through the brushing process. Clean deal!


Thomas Friesenbichler, planing room

An der Bürstmaschine braucht man ein irres Fingerspitzengefühl fürs Maschineneinstellen. In der kleinen Hobelhalle kann Fritz die Hand an Kleinserien, Spezialware und Sonderaufträge legen. Echte Working Class, wie alle Mareiner Manufakteure: Arbeit mit Klasse, stolz und souverän gemacht.